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Pain which is felt in the hamstring but originates from another source.

Other sources which can refer pain to the hamstring region include the upper and lower back, sacroiliac joint, and trigger points elsewehere.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Tightness of hamstring

  • Vaguely located pain in hamstring

  • Onset can be sudden or gradual

  • No significant loss of flexibility (glutes and hamstrings may be a bit tight)

  • No significant loss of muscle strength

  • Stiff or problematic thoracolumbar spine

What Causes It?

  • Stiffness or pathology of lumbar spine

  • Stiff SIJ

  • Trigger points within the glutes or piriformis muscle

  • Positive ‘slump’ test which denotes nerve tightness

How to Self Manage

  • Stretch your hamstring and glute muscles

  • Avoid prolonged sitting as it can affect the back, and muscle length


Referred pain is likely to be a recurrent problem until the source is identified and managed.

How Physio Helps

  • Confirm the source of hamstring pain

  • Assess for muscle imbalance and tightness

  • Assess the mobility of your thoracic and lumbar spine

  • Assess the function of your sacroiliac joint

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Trigger point release

  • Dry needling

  • Neural mobilisation

  • Exercises to address areas referring pain

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