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Sever’s disease is a condition which affects adolescents between the ages of 11 ad 15.  Typically, boys are affected more than girls.  Pain is felt during running, and jumping.

Signs & Symptoms

What Causes It?

  • Severs disease occurs when the Achilles tendon tractions on the calcaneum. The epiphyseal plates in growing children are more prone to stresses from activities such as running and jumping.

  • Other contributing factors may include excessive pronation and tight Achilles.

How to Self Manage

  • To reduce pain, rest from aggravating activity is recommended.  Stretches to the calf, orthotics and the use of heel pads is recommended.


How Physio Helps

Your physiotherapist will assess the mobility and range of motion available at the foot and ankle.  Achilles length will be determined, and biomechanics assessed.  Appropriate advice and exercises will be provided.

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